Tina Hernandez was born on the border town of Brownsville, Texas but was raised in Houston all her life as a first generation Xicana/Tejana. She received her B.F.A. in Photography/Digital Media from the University of Houston in May 2003. She has always worked with self-portraiture and is branching out in photographing other women as well. Her work centers on being female and the issues, questions,aesthetics and greatness that comes with it.

“The roles of all women have been mostly portrayed throughout history and art by a male perspective and gaze. I feel like it is my artistic duty to investigate those roles closest to me and portray them through my own female gaze. It is quite liberating for me to do so and not only has it let me express myself, but also to understand various topics that affect not just my own female experience, but beyond my own as well. Gloria Anzaldua really puts into words what us Chicana creatives y otras from all artistic disciplines think, feel, believe, and create: “As a people, we have been stripped of our history, language, identity and pride, and we attempt again and again to find what we have lost by imaginatively digging into our cultural roots and make art out of our findings.” Exactly!!!”



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Como las Flores

Como las Flores